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Casa Mama.. November 12, 2007

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October’s over and November’s already almost have way done… Which means theres just about another 4-5 weeks to go before Freesia’s home inshaAllah. Which also means I have to cram in all my readings and asgmts before then – which is so not fun esp when I’ve got my babies on my mind!

 Where time is flying to, I have no clue! Week after week, things keep happening and before we know it, we’re one more week closer to having Freesia with us iA. Our doctors appointment moved from every month to every two weeks to now every week. Seeing Dr. Kim is a pleasure and all three of us absolutely LOVE it. Esp Eesa, who gets to sit on my lap to check the heart beat and measure the tummy.

A couple of weeks ago Freesia gave us a scare when she changed positions. By 7 months, the baby should be upside down but this one, half way into my 8th month, was across my tummy… neither up nor down! From week 30-34, we’d go into the office hoping and praying she’d have changed positions but Alas! she hadnt.

Last week, I walked into Dr Kim’s office with an almost 100% certainty that she was head down now coz the kicks on the side had stopped. And indeed she had changed positions finally, Alhamdolillah.

I’ve also finally ordered freesia’s nursery beddings, diaper bag etc. Its exciting coz it should be here by this weekend inshaAllah and we should have most of the stuff done by next week. Our weekends have been jampacked with almaghrib classes but InshaAllah we’ll try to pull out some time to get it done.

Eesa monkey’s been doing great alhamdolillah. We’ve completed our Pre-K curriculum and will be starting KG in a week iA. I’ve also got some special piccys to share iA, perhaps I’ll have them up by this weekend iA.

Plz continue to remember us in your dua’as.


One Response to “Casa Mama..”

  1. chachi Says:

    ooh ooh ooh…i wanna help with the nursery. wait till after the 24th and i’ll come and help you do it all!

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