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its 6 am… October 25, 2007

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and all has been well at this end for the past 3 hours, hiccups and all!!

 Yes, we lost all our sleeping patterns during the last ten days of ramadan and are up at the weirdest moments. Sleep at night is a luxury, to say the least! During Eesa’s pregnancy I would barely sleep at night from very early on. Alhamdolillah this time around, sleep was not much of an issue until this week but I’m praying it will get back into track by next week iA. Freesia seems to be super active really early in the morning, jumping around and hiccupping like crazy!

Sorry for being MIA for a bit. Alhamdolillah, this ramadan went by really fast. Although Dr Levielle advised me not to fast for almost the last two thirds of ramadan, I still managed to sneak in a day or two every week alhamdolillah.

Imo was gone for the last ten nights and although Eesa and I got to see him everyday, we missed him intensely. Initially, Eesa was so thrilled about Imo moving into the mosque, he wanted to join in as well. On the first night, he brought his pillow, sheets, brush and nightsuit with him, thinking he would be sleeping over as well.  On most nights, he slept over at the masjid or went over to daadis after taraweeh and came back for the qiyaam. At the masjid, he’d run around with the boys as they played football or catch and would constantly sit on someone’s lap while they did group discussions. Alhamdolillah I love the comfort he has being around the mosque.

Eid was great Alhamdolillah. A little slower than usual but fun food alhamdolillah (pix to follow:P). We spent the night before wrapping and sortting gifts. Alhamdolillah this time we had TONS of them to hand out. We got up super early, did a family gift exchange and then rushed out to the masjid for fajr (wanted to be there early so we could secure a good parking spot:P). From there we headed out to Dada and Daadi’s place for a day full of craziness. Eesa’s favorite Aziz chacha and Audrey Chachi flew in from St Louis for the weekend. The open house at mom’s was till 4pm but we had guests coming in till 6pm. Dinner was at Imo’s chacha and chachi’s place, where Eesa and Beeloo got to hang out with all their cousins from their dad’s side.

We also went for an ultrasound in Ramadan. Dr Levielle hadn’t recieved the reports until our last appointment, hopefully by this week we’ll know where everything is. One good thing that came out of the ultrasound was (apart from the fact that we got to see Freesia again) that we had the gender confirmed. Ladies and Gentlemen, she’s STILL a girl! 😛 The technician also demystified the common myth that there are more chances of the gender being the same if its a boy. She said that the chances of an error are just the same because there have been many instances where a finger or the cord has been mistaken for the male genital. Most mistakes happen when the genital is not clearly visible and the technician makes a guess.

We’ve got two kids staying with us for the week. Their mum needed babysitting help for the week. Having three kids under three has been like having a tornado in the house, to say the least. If one cries, all three cry. If one wants one toy, all three want it too. But at the same time, they cant d anything without each other either. If one is going to the backyard, they wont go until the others come. It’s good practice, I tell ya!

Anyhow, before they all get up and going again, I’m off!


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  1. hinamommy Says:

    What’s up with no one commenting anymore? I feel so alone in our virtual “mommy club”.

    Hope you’re well 🙂

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