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Festivities.. October 12, 2007

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EidAs Eesa and I rolled out our new rug in our living room and put out red streamers and fairy lights around the house for Eid, it brought back so many memories of eid with my own family.

Eid is always a turmoil of emotions for me. I feel thrilled to be around imo and Eesa but part of me still yearns for my parents, sisters and grandparents. This is the day I miss my grandfather in his white shalwar qameez the most. I miss the loud craziness that eid brought. This is the day our house went under a yearly overhaul – new bedsheets, new carpets, everything came out on this day. The night before eid, mama cooked yummies while us girlies would take turns to iron out our clothes or helping with the home decor.

Tonight, when Imran returns home InshaAllah, we will switch on all the decorative lights around the house. We will then go out for a nice, yet simple feast as a family (for the first time in ten days!) inshaAllah. Then Imo will iron out his new thobe and shalwar qameez, along with eesa and my clothes. While I’ll put out new bedsheets and hang up all of our new wall decors. We’ll then wrap out gifts for family and friends inshaAllah. Eesa’s gifts are already wrapped and waiting to be opened tmrw morning before Eid Salaah inshaAllah.

As exciting as everything is around us, I can’t help but wish to celebrate Eid with my parents and hubby n babies – all together- sooon inshaAllah!!


5 Responses to “Festivities..”

  1. hinamommy Says:

    Oh the holidays are so much fun!!

  2. naymii Says:

    oo u forgot the mehndi n stuff..
    that was ALWAYS lotsa fun n the geets…
    the good old days…

  3. Mona Says:

    i know! i miss my parents too on eid. and now my sister since she’s all the way across the ocean.

  4. chachi Says:

    it sucks being away from family. =(

  5. Maryam Says:

    Eid Mubarak!!, I Pray inshAllah you will see your family soon 🙂

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