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Parenting.. the cycle continues.. September 28, 2007

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I think the best thing about parenting is how simply it makes you a child all over again.

 No, I’m not talking about how childishly we create chocolate moustache on each other while baking brownies. Neither am I talking about the sillyness while painting our hands orange to make marks all over my college binder, nor am I talking about rolling down the slope in our backyard with this sense of carefree-ness.

What I’m talking about is the mental aspect. The part where you tell your child ‘You’re so cute, I wanna eat you!’ and his innocent concern is: ‘but then mein finish ho jaoon ga’. (but then i’d be finished)

Or when you’re sitting in the car and Eesa yells out ‘Baba go faster, the moon is catching us!!’.

Because those statements give you a sudden deja-vu, of a time when you were a child and you asked your dad the exact same question. And in that moment, when your baby repeats the exact same thing, you know exactly what is going on in your child’s mind because your mind has travelled off to that same space some twenty or so odd years ago.


6 Responses to “Parenting.. the cycle continues..”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    i so love this post!
    = )

  2. cheesoo Says:

    aasi maasi, i do too…sheza, you sound content,and happy

    much love!

  3. chachi Says:

    this is for the blog:

    bai asked eesa to give back the crackers and chocolate she gave him that he had eaten

    eesa looked genuinely puzzled, looked left and right and then said ‘kahan se nikaaloo?’ (where do i take it out from?)

    we loved the drive to moms yesterday, i kept having a convo with eesa and his replies cracked me and z up the entire way.


  4. hinamommy Says:

    Excellent post. Really brings some fond memories of what I’ve had to hear too. These are the ones that you are going to love the most when you read them 5-10 years from now.

  5. Mona Says:

    awww. sweetness.
    ‘the moon’s catching us’

  6. Maryam Says:

    MashAllah I soo know what you mean, I’m still experiencing this with my many 8 brothers and sisters… one of the MANY reasons we fall in love with children.

    I remember my older brother and I whispering when we were young about how terrible it was that our step dad was working graveyard again!…

    Children take things in such a literal sense… Like one time I remember at daycare, the teacher said in response a little boy “Get out of town!” and he repied, “I’ll never get out of town!!!”

    Aww thanks for this post 😉

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