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3 & counting.. September 15, 2007

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Eesa & IEesieThis Ramadan counted our third year with Eesoo mashaAllah. SubhanAllah, I know I’ve said it enough times but its crazy how time is just flying right by us. I still remember the anxiety I felt about him not coming out early, going into labour almost a week late, bringing home this tiny lil bundle with absolutely no idea (but lots of instincts) about what to do and SubhanAllah, now he’s a 3 year old preschooler!! MashaAllah. (He officially turns three in about a month, on the 15th of Oct, but islamically, he turned three on the first Ramadan).

Eesa and Freesia share the cutest bond ever mashaAllah. Eesa usually lies down with his head on my tummy for his afternoon nap and Freesia, instinctly starts kicking and moving around. Eesa cant stop laughing because he thinks the baby is kissing him. Sometimes while walking my tummy bumps into his face and he burst out laughing coz he thinks the baby just hugged him. At other times, he just puts his hands on my tummy and tells me she’s kissing him – although i can’t feel a thing! Alhamdolillah, its most adorable!

Pregnancy wise, Alhamdolillah everything seems to be going ok. My diabetes test came out a little off during the last appointment, so we will be going for another couple of tests on Monday and Wednesday inshaAllah. Hopefully everything will be well inshaAllah.

Ramadan this year has been really tough since I’m missing the craziness of my family during suhoor alot. It seems forever since the last time I kept and opened my fasts with my family. The effort we had to put into waking Nayma up for suhoor only to have her sleep talk during suhoor or Shaima’s random mood swings about food etc etc Alhamdolillah, I cant complain though. As a family our own, opening fasts together gives me a sense of an inexplanable inner well being. I love trying out new recipes and cooking up stuff my mum used to make when we were kids. I often call up my aunts in LA or London just to get recipes off them (coz of the time difference at iftar time with my mum). Yesterday I made this yoghurt dish that I totally associate with my mom and Alhamdolillah, Imran loved it and asked me to make it for the iftars at Alfalah(our mosque). InshaAllah, I will be trying my hand at cholay(chick peas) and ghogni(black beans) soon.

I’ll be trying to fast as much as I can this year, since I’ve learnt that catching up is TOUGH. Within the last year, I’ve had to catch up almost three years’ worth of fasts and it was excruciatingly trying!

Theres so much I want to write about, but I’m at a loss for words. Theres been sooo many things going around us (physically and emotionally) that I’d be writing out a book if I were to start. Here are two pics of Eesoo from this month:


5 Responses to “3 & counting..”

  1. Mona Says:

    finally. the page loads! again, the pictures are great! he looks like you mashAllah and happy 3rd birthday eesoo!

  2. Batool Says:

    Just dropping in to say am a silent reader and actually we seem to be due pretty much at the same time – mid jan for myself and my 6th month has just begun (a week ago). Also, have lived in Toronto for 4 years so really feel nostalgic reading about your days out shopping, Demetres and what not. Keep updating!

  3. hinamommy Says:

    Ramadan Kareem! You guys look so adorable!! Mashallah. And happy 3rd birthday to the little one!

  4. chachi Says:

    my chumpoo is growing up too fast, mashallah

  5. naymii Says:

    i wasnt THAT hard to wake up u knww..

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