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Week 24 – Treading along.. August 22, 2007

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6 months mashaAllah!! whoa! I don’t know where time is flying to, but boy oh boy it sure is going by super fast.


For the last two days it feels as though I’m carrying a future NFL punter in my tummy. She’s kicking like a punter on steroids. Its the funniest while I’m lying down and i can see a small portion of my tummy go up and then back down. Its a funny feeling. Last night Imo had a full one on one session with the baby – each time she’d kick, he’d poke the tummy in and she’d kick right back. lol, it was adorable watching them two at it.

My tummy has formed its full round shape too mashaAllah. I can’t imagine how big I would be in three months!! I already feel super wobbly like Yokuzuna Jr.

Aasiyah came over for dinner last weekend and brought this yummy fudgey chocolate cake with her. I had the entire cake, except one slice for poor Beeni, all by myself. I have NEVER been a cake type of person but this pregnancy I was craving chocolates and Demetres, but just never got around to going there. Even in Montreal i was constantly craving dessert rather than food. Alhamdollillah.

I’ve been slathering on cocoa butter endlessly but ofcourse, I know its to no avail. I’m just praying for a miracle in the meantime inshaAllah because the stretch marks scare the lights out of me.

oh, I almost forgot. We went for our monthly checkup last wednesday and alhamdolillah everything seems to be going fine. We make it a point to take Eesoo with us for every appointment just to keep him involved. During the last appointment, while I was laying on the bed for Kim to measure my tummy, Kim placed Eesoo on my lap so he could watch everything. For the sonogram, eesa applied the jelly and held the machine to hear the heartbeat. he was thrilled about it all. Alhamdolillah.

Arighteys, I’m off!


5 Responses to “Week 24 – Treading along..”

  1. Hina Says:

    Ayzah was also quite the kicker when she was inside. So much, that I thought that life would be insane with two over active kids, but… after being born, she’s really mellowed out.

    So let’s see what little Freesia has in store.

  2. Mona Says:

    haha, hana was the same. i used to imagine that there was just one giant foot in my tummy, not a tiny baby. enjoy it.

  3. chachi Says:

    watch out before freesia starts scratching you from the inside 😉

    i miss my jelly belly days

  4. aasi maasi Says:

    update woman!

  5. jammie Says:

    is that the name? freesia? or is it a nickname? its a flower na? 😀 its the 6th month already wow mashallah. but then again i cant beieve im done so yeah time does fly when youre having fun 😉

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