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Time that waits for no man.. August 15, 2007

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When I first got pregnant, people would always warn me that time would fly by during this pregnancy. I shrugged it off thinking, “how much more different could it possibly be from the first time around?”. I felt I knew better, afterall, I was a vet mom now!

But while speaking with Hina yesterday, I came to the realization that yes, time is indeed flying. Sometimes I forget which week I am in. Sometimes I cant recall if its been 6 months yet or not. With Eesoo, Imo and I were always on top of my babycentre readings, infact, for some weeks we would even read ahead. This time around, the babycentre email stares at me for two or three days before I get around to reading it. Infact, sometimes Imo and I dont even get to read them together, I simply forward the email on to him so he could read it at his convenience.

Although sometimes I wish time could rush by so I could hold her soon(and make her wear all the pretty clothes already lining up her closet!:P), most times I’m in awe at the pace with which time is flying by.

I remember with Eesoo, I used to pray for the 40th week time to come by soon. This time around, I’m praying for barakah in my time so I get some stuff done before hand.


6 Responses to “Time that waits for no man..”

  1. monasays Says:

    oh yeah. lots of barakah and not too long a wait for you, inshAllah.

  2. Hina Says:

    Sweetie, the kids will be grown up and move away, and we’ll wonder where it all went. Time does fly by 🙂

  3. chachi Says:

    put a ticker on your blog so we can keep up with freesia’s age…i forget myself and couldn’t believe you’re already past the 20 week mark. you don’t show much either so its hard to tell how far along you are

  4. hi I came over from Mona’s/congrats about your Freesia!Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy!

  5. aasi maasi Says:

    *aasi maasi waits for an update*

    btw. mashaAllah im azmazed at eesoos memory and kindness. He hasnt seen me for soo long, yet when he saw me today, he came right up to me and gave my leg a hug. not many kids would do that…hes so sweet mashaAllah.

  6. aasi maasi Says:

    *still waiting*

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