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Food. August 9, 2007

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Maybe its the fact that I am in the lil nook called France in North America or maybe it IS the pregnancy, but my cravings are back! No, nothing of that I WANT IT NOW stuff, just this constant mouth watering at the thought of two things in particular.

1. Dark, bitter chocolate cake – like the one at nando’s in PK

2. Coffee mousse.

YUMMY. Imo’s promised to go to East side mario’s for dessert tonight coz apparently they have the yummiest funnel cakes so… mmm!! I can’t wait!! 🙂

For the past few days we’ve been testing out breakfast places in Quebec. We went to this place abt three hours from here called Cora something and they had the YUMMIEST mushroom and feta cheese omellete wrapped in paper thin crepes with fresh fruit and potatoes. YUM, I tell you. I cant wait to go home and try making them myself!!

Last night, we also had this yummy pasta dish that had cheddar cheese stuffed into large shell macaroni – almost like tortellinis – with yummy arabiana tomato sauce. The dish originally comes with shrimp but growing up, I was allergic to shrimps and prawns but the allergy died out a few yrs ago-  altho it sprouts up at the most unexpected moments. I just wasnt willing to risk taking shrimps away from home in quebec city where no one spks english. maybe when we’re in montreal tmrw, we might just stop by at red lobsters for some shrimps. mmmm

For the past lil while, i’ve been craving to go home and try out some new dishes – so unlike me!! lol

The hormones are really raging!!


6 Responses to “Food.”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    was it coras? a yellow sign with a sunshine on it? omg i am IN LOVE with that place.. lol.. my grandparents took us when i was pregnant – and guess what?! THEYRE BUILDING ONE ACROSS THE STREET FROM US
    ull have to come over one day n well go uot for breakfast iA
    lub u wasalam

  2. Sheza Says:

    yup aasi, we stopped by there on the way back too… its called chez coras i think… mmm DIVINE food. lol. i cant wait to bum around with u iA.

  3. naymii Says:

    i gotta say…
    u got my mouth watering like a river at 3 am!!

  4. chachi Says:

    i’ll pass on the shrimps but everything else sounds yum

    good to know you’re pigging out! we’re expecting you to pop out a 10 pounder inshallah.

  5. aasi maasi Says:

    ya.. try to beat yusufs weight! 9lbs 1/2 oz
    have fun 🙂

  6. Sheza Says:

    with friends like you two, who needs enemies huh?

    6-7 pounder guys! make dua’a iA that all goes well!

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