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Hotels…. August 8, 2007

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Hotels are one of my greatest weaknesses. Well who could complain, with a great view of the Quebec parliament bldg, food at the beck of a call to room service and housekeeping that cleans my room while i go for a massage. I am being spoilt alhamdolillah!!

I’ve come to realize that theres nothing like stepping away from our daily life routines to reconnect with each other. For the last two days, I am constantly reminded of my wedding days, the craziness leading up to it, the intesity of emotions, the buzz after etc etc. These days I feel the same fluttering emotions, a reminder of all the reasons why I married Imo. At the same time, I am most humbled, and choked up, by how Merciful Allah swt has been with me to bless me with a spouse like Imz. I mean, the poor guy would rather shiver all night rather than disturb me to get the duvet from under me or he would rather let his hand be numb than wake me up to get me of his arm!! I, for one, have no such patience nor do I know anyone apart from my mum who would do that for me!! May Allah swt grant him jannah for his sabr! (and may I learn some sabr from him) ameen! 

As much as I am relishing my last honeymoon before we become four, both of us are also constantly reminded of our joy and pride Eeesoo, without whom life is not as entertaining. From little toddlers in a car seat, to lakes while driving or even while having pizza (Eeso0o’s favourite!), we miss him intensely. This vacation, as much as we discover each other, the long driving hours give us a chance to put into perspective the prospect (and challenges!!) of becoming parents to another human being inshaAllah!

Foods here! Now, excuse me while I go back and cuddle under featherlight hotel duvets as I devour some french food! 😉

(pix to follow soon!)


4 Responses to “Hotels….”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    ah! so cute n exciting mashaAllah.
    may Allah swt continue to bless your marriage, and your family, in dunya and akhirah.
    have fun = )

  2. Ayesha Says:

    Lol, I was gonna write something like aasiya wrote above – but she put it soo nicely that all i have to say is DITTO!

  3. chachi Says:

    send some mexican food over to room 405 🙂

  4. BPC Says:

    Mmm, enjoy it’s your time.

    Do tell us how you met your Hubby? Do you know him before marriage.

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