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Week 21 – Moving.. August 5, 2007

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We’ve finally moved into our new place alhamdolillah. While the moving home scares alot of people, this being our sixth move within five years, both Imo and I love moving homes.

Growing up, we moved ever so often with our Dads work. People would often say that moving doesnt do good for children, but Alhamdolillah my memories of the places that I’ve lived in have been amazing. The people whom I grew up with have made an impact on me that will remain forever – depite our cultural, language or religious differences!

Coming back to our move this week, ofcourse this has been the most exciting move ever because this is the first home we will ever own inshaAllah. This has also been a move that has given us the chance to distillate ourselves and to move on with what really matters to us.

Luck had it that the decor of this home is completely different from our crazy wacky preferences in the past. We always joked that when we grow up, we’ll have the same serious decor as everyone else – but for the moment we wanted to enjoy our wackiness.

I think we’re still in the process of growing up. From bright orange and lime green, our taste has slowly mellowed towards the earthy tones. Ofcourse we still have splashes of wild here and there (because we  wont be us, without them!) but it has been a new beginning on a clean slate for the most part.

Above everything, what we realized was that worldly things hold very little meaning to us. For all the joy and pride we placed into scouring, shopping and finally hording our possessions, soon they become old and out of place in a different phase of our life. What holds the greatest value can’t be packed into boxes and moved with us. Our relations and friends are the ones that truly mean more to us and therefore deserve to be invested into.

While all our past moves were a recreation of ourselves and of the dynamics within our relationship, this move gave us a chance to define ourselves. Previously we moved under societal pressures – be it with the family as they moved or to move out of family. This move was entirely for us three (and a half). Therefore, we decided that what we bring with us, would be a definition of who we are. Two months in advance, we scoured through everything to get rid of things that dont mean anything to us. Out went unused utensils, spices without aroma, clothes with faded colours, socks without partners and shoes without soles or souls. We refused to bring with us the extra baggage.

Luckily, the purging in advance allowed for us a very relaxed two weeks before the move. Infact, the weekend before the move was spent entirely at my inlaws’ place, at a picnic the day before the move and a special date for two the night before and the afternoon of the move. Despite the glitches from the home registration end, and the things not going in accordance with the plan, alhamdolillah it was a learning curve to be appreciated. 

Alhamdolillah, as settle into our new home and envision where new pieces of furniture would go and what purpose each area would serve, we remind ourselves of the factors that define us more – our kids. And families, whose presence I truly miss and appreciate intensely right now. =(


5 Responses to “Week 21 – Moving..”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    MABROOK!! may Allah bless your new home and make it a jannah on earth for you and your family!

  2. Aniraz Says:

    COngrats on your house!!

    Is House loan Halal? You are into Halal and Haram stuff so I thought you Know something which allows Muslims to take out such loans.

  3. […] August 5, 2007 Filed under: Uncategorized — shezahasan @ 4:03 pm In the midst of all the moving, I rarely got the chance to post about having reached the half way mark to the finish line. […]

  4. aasi maasi Says:

    mabrooooooooooook im sooooo excited for you!
    yeey, ur soo much closer to us now = )
    let the double dates and late night visiting begin again . ha.

  5. shezahasan Says:

    aniraz, i sent you an email with the three halal home financing companies here but it bounced back.

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