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Week 21 – Babies and cuddles.. August 5, 2007

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In the midst of all the moving, I rarely got the chance to post about having reached the half way mark to the finish line. Alhamdolillah, we’re past the 20 week stage. This pregnancy has been flying!

I remember during the last pregnancy, I had quit my job and was usually bumming around doing something or the other, just waiting for the baby to come. This time around, I am constantly into something or the other and the only chance I get to think of Freesia is when she kicks me into a reminder.

Healthwise, alhamdolillah I’ve been doing much, much better. Although varicose veins has kicked in on my left knee and my blood sugar level varies constantly, it really . My gynae had mentioned to expect the varicose to come in around the 16 month mark based on my weight gain last pregnancy, but alhamdolillah this time around, we managed to pull it in at 19 weeks:P.

Eesoo’s been doing well as well. He’s become super clingy to me and wants everything done by mama rather than baba. Terrible two tantrums are at their peak as well, which can be very draining and exhausting. Baby discipline guidelines mention its a phase until he turns three (before they kick in again at 3 and a half!) – hopefully this would ease out by then inshaAllah. I tend to think its more to do with the baby coming and all the changes around him, but Allahu Aalim.

On thursday, he stayed over at daadis (again!) and met us for jumuah at the mosque. The moment he saw me, he ran over, gave me a hug and ‘miched you’ – subhanAllah the joy of my week! He then asked for Baba and ran over to him and did the same with him. =)

MashaAllah he’s been super excited about the moving. He actively participated in the packing and labelling (which was his favourite!). Alhamdollillah, its been a very positive move for him as well.

Thats the update from my end. I’m off to pick up daadi from the airport and then for a nice vacation to quebec with hubby! Ta-daa!


3 Responses to “Week 21 – Babies and cuddles..”

  1. Hina Says:

    Mashallah, congratulations on the new house. It’s so wonderful to watch life come together like this.

    I keep missing you on line. Anyhow, good to know that you’re doing well.

  2. Zainab Says:

    Sheza, may Allah protect you and your family. I totally adore how you’ve maintained a balance in your life (well from what I know anyway). Spending time with Eesa, your family, friends, decorating your house, studying/working, and even in the midst of it all you find/make time for YOU.

    I duno, when I see auntys who are in a similar position as you i.e. married, have kids, moving in and out of and maintaining houses, working etc. Theyre always so drained and …unspontaneous and I love how you arent.

    K i dont want to write an essay. Keep doing what you’re doing its awesome!

    love, zainab

  3. Sheza Says:

    ahaha zainab!! im so drained these days, its unbelievable – by night, im a very cranky mommy!!

    and the diff btw most aunties and i is that my inlaws help me out alot with eesa and thats why im able to make time for other things like school, hhomework, home etc.

    cant blame the aunties;)

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