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My lil’ Freesia.. July 21, 2007

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Today was our appointment at Credit Valley Hospital’s imaging department for our first ultrasound this pregnancy. I dressed up for our lil date, it was a special day for all of us.

Walking into the clinic was a moment that I will cherish forever, inshaAllah. It was a complete deja vu! The butterflies in me tummy, were fluttering just as ardently as they did when I went for Eesa’s ultrasound. It was those some emotions, those intense prayers for a healthy baby – and not to forget the bladder threatening to burst!

At the reception, the lady told us that Eesa could not go in for the entire session – he could come in once the technician was done taking the pictures of the vital organs and their measurements etc. So Imo and Eesoo waited outside while I went in. Alhamdolillah, my technician was an Iraqi lady – Hala and we bonded instantly. As soon as I entered, I told her that I am not leaving until I have two things: 1) The gender and 2) TONS of pictures. Kindly enough, she promised me both!!

I am so glad, we had Hala. She took the time to patiently answer my questions and before we knew it, we were exchanging stories about our first ultrasounds ever, the experience of having the first born, etc etc. SubhanAllah such is motherhood – it connects you so deeply with people without the usual need to go through the slow turtle paced ‘getting to know you’ stage!

Anyhow, during the entire process, my freesia kept mooning us with her bum. I think she was making sure that we are positive about her gender.. lol. Hala kept pointing to cute lil stuff like her tiny feet etc. The entire appointment had my heart pounding restlessly – I couldnt wait to meet her personally inshaAllah.  At some points, while I’d have Hala poking deep into my bladder, I’d have tears running down my cheek and Hala would giggle and knowingly say, ‘Soon!’. hehe. InshaAllah.

Finally when Imo and Eesoo came in, they were as astounded by their first meeting as I was. Both of them had this huge grin on their faces. Eesa couldn’t stop laughing at the constant rhythmic beat of her heartbeat.

We pointed the baby out to Eesa and said ‘She’s your lil sister’.

“Sister, kya hota hai?’ He responded.

Such a cutie he is. MashaAllah I love him to bitsy and pray that this transition for him to be a big bro is easy inshaAllah.

I think I’m going to burst just thinking about how much love a woman could possibly entail within her soul – To be able to expense it not only on her spouse, AND not one but two kids too!!!

Pictures to follow inshaAllah!! 😀 Please continue to remember us in your dua’as!


7 Responses to “My lil’ Freesia..”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    may Allah bless your wonderful growing family!
    eesa is sooo cute, mashaAllah, esp. about the sister kya hota hai thing 😀
    whats freesia? is that was you will name her?

  2. Mona Says:

    congratulations – a baby girl! waiting on the pictures!

  3. Shabyna Says:

    Maasha Allaah mabroooooook on the baby girl! May Allaah make her righteous, pious, healthy, happy, intelligent and a beautiful baby aameen! Allaah humma aameen!

  4. chachi Says:

    shouldnt it be your little cool citrus basil? 😉

    i’m the freesia girl hehe.

  5. shezahasan Says:

    lol@citrus basil..

    naw, Gap’s Dream is my smell for this pregnancy! ABSOLUTELY love the freesia smell there!!

  6. Zainab Says:


  7. naymii Says:

    eessooo is soo cute abt the sister kya hota hai?
    inshAllah he will make a great older brother…

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