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Reading.. July 19, 2007

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I think one of the most rewarding moments of mommyhood are those where you see your efforts bear fruit.

Last night as we were going through our routine dua’as, he started reciting the first two ayahs of Surah baqara. Most of the surah’s he knows are coz I’ve been reciting them to him before we sleep each night. But I’VE NEVER made him learn surah baqara, its just something Imo and I recite while cooking or something and we also listen to it often in the car as well. But subhanAllah, it was astounding to see him randomly recite it. I’ll try and record it the next time he recites it inshaAllah.

Secondly, tonight, as we were laying down to sleep, he pulled out his favourite book of alphabets by Little Leap. Only this time, he insisted that it would be him reading it out to me. It was an effort to hold back my laughter while watching him narrate back my expressions with added twists and dramatization to the tales.

 Eeso0o, you’re the best!  =)


One Response to “Reading..”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    Aww mashaAllah what a sweetie pie – the surah thing – subhanAllah their brains are like sponges, they soak up everything, so thats why you have to be careful to surround them with good – the book thing is soo cute mashaAllah, I love when kids immitate people because its soo innocent and funny

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