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Toddling away.. July 11, 2007

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Eesa’s toddled away for a vacation at daadis. It’s her last few days in TO before she jets off for a month long vacation in Pakistan so she requested that Eesoo stay with her for the remaining few days. I dont know who’s more upset about her leaving, Eesa or daadi. Eesa grabs onto daadi’s hand super tight whenever she mentions she’s leaving. Meanwhile, daadi has tears running down her eyes while she’s telling him to behave while she’s gone. Such a cute bond they share, mashaAllah. May Allah swt keep it this way forever, ameen.

 Eesoo’s doing well alhamdolillah. His 33 mth babycentre report says its time for his toddler tantrums to reduce and for him to be getting into his new booster seat. We switched over to a booster approx 5 week ago when his shoulder reached the designated mark. I always thought the best place for the carseats were behind the passenger side so if the driver is driving, he can actually reach over and assisst the baby. Meanwhile, babycentre mentions that the safest place is actually behind the drivers seat… VERY interesting! I would have assumed the centre seat would have been then next best option because the baby cant get hurt from collision on either doors. weird!

This past weekend, imran’s fam spent sat night at our place. we stayed up playing family feud till fajr and then everyone except the phoppos went to the zoo. we stayed back and did a little bit of our packing and then phoppos wanted to check out the flea market in Brock so we drove over. Afterwards we met everyone at Cafe sinai for dinner *drools*.

Monday we went over to Jack darling park where Eesa had a ball at the splash pad. Although the water was super cold and he was shivering, yet, he refused to come out. Finally, he saw a bug in the water and that convinced him that its time to get out. The guys had a nice time playing catch n all as well.  

Tuesday, we took off to see the american falls, take the tour there and then to do some baby shopping. Nothing much just a couple of newborn outfits for a girl (no I dont know the gender YET, just incase:P), some baby lotion/baby wash, cotton maternity top and some toys for eesoo peesoo.

Thats the general update from my end:D


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