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howdy! June 26, 2007

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I know its been a while since I trod back here. Its been super busy and my mind just hasnt been functioning normally anymore for me to be able to sit down and write anything coherent.

Much has been going on laterly in terms of packing, exams and all. Alhamdolillah today was the end of the exams but two more asgmts due by next week inshaAllah.

Eesa’s been doing well alhamdolillah. Him and I are upto endless excursions lately. He’s been at daadi’s since friday but all of last week Imran was out of town so we’d just bus around all over town. He loves sitting on the bus and has this constant grin on his face mashaAllah. Funny part is, each time another bus crosses by, he can’t stop jumping! He finds it hillarious when two buses go in opposite directions on the same road.

Last week my baby Eesoo was my lifesaver! We’d gone to the library and then walked towards the park. The heat started bothering me, so I decided to head home. As we were coming home, I started to feel super light headed and really hot. I started to sweat and my vision was blurring. I was literally grabbing onto the stroller for support and walking while praying to make it home. By the time we got to our apartment, I literally fell inside and passed out. When i got around, I couldnt lift myself so I asked Eesa to come out of the stroller and to help me with a glass of water. I started getting tears out of my eyes (even though I dont think I was crying, probably more out of strain) and that scared him. He went into the kitchen, dragged the garbage can and climbed onto the counter to get me water (even though by the time he climbed back down, half the glass had spilt already). As i was drinking the water, he kept stroking my head – just like an adult taking care of a baby only this time, it was him taking care of me. It was the sweetest thing in the world, I tell you.

I’ve been having these spells alot lately so I’ll bring it up with Kim this thursday inshaAllah. I passed out while doing my bloodwork today, although I was fully expecting Imran to be the one to faint (he had come in with me but thankfully i’d asked him to leave and wait outside for me). The nurse said that all of a sudden my eyes rolled up and my head dropped – but she wasnt sure if she should tell Imran coz then she’d have two of us to take care of.

Apart from that baby is bouncing around kicking mighty well. Although last week babycentre said i shouldnt be feeling them yet, this week they mentioned that if its not my first pregnancy I could be feeling them already. I totally love the fluttery feeling alhamdolillah. It makes the joy of having a baby all the more real. My bump is noticeable now and alhamdolillah so far it feels cute and not fat. I spend most of my days in boxers and tiny tees that roll up my belly keeping my bump fully exposed.

With that long post.. I’m done and out to pack!! Catchya all later!


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