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Kicking it in.. June 9, 2007

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I think I’ve started to feel my baby move. Although babycentre insists that I can’t yet, I really can feel this funny movement inside. Another thing I’ve noticed over the last days is that if i put the phone or remote on my tummy, I can see the baby’s heart beat. The phone keeps vibrating to the constant rapping of the heart beat… its positively cute mashaAllah. Eesoo often puts his head on my tummy and them jolts back up laughing, saying ‘Baby jumping!’

Alhamdolillah we’ve started packing and purging. It’s starting to feel so real alhamdolillah. Most of the peeps we told are scaring us by saying we’re both too young to own our home already but alhamdolillah, i think despite both of us being under 25, we’re at a time as right as any other inshaAllah.  Remember us in your dua’as plz!

Being mom to Eesoo is getting to be so much more rewarding alhamdolillah. I love the craziness we get up to and then the moments of him claiming his own individuality where we have to rationalize and bargain everything out with him. He’s developing his own personality and tastes (LOVES the colour green!).

coming back to pregnancy, yesterday we went to visit the doctor for imo’s knee (poor thing injured his knee while playing baseball). While we were waiting, i suddenly started to feel really hot and sweaty. My head started to pound and I could no longer see anything because everything looked all fuzzy and black. The doctor immediately noticed it and said she wants to chk my blood pressure. Apparently it was so low that she couldnt catch it in the stethoscope and asked me to lie down. But the time I lay down, alhamdolillah I was feeling much better but even then she couldnt chk my blood pressure. I told her I had been having similar symptoms on and off for two days now.

Eventually, she just asked me to increase my dosage of the multivitamin or consider switching to materna and to take the anti-vommit pill that I was avoiding until now. She said I’m not getting enough nutrients from my food (doh! considering how much i puke, i couldda told her that without a doctor’s degree!) and therefore prescribed another hundred blood tests that I had already done and recommended bed rest for another 72 hours… *sigh* 

I read in a book somewhere that menopause gives you alot of hot flashes. I’m wondering if what I’m having is hot flashes. Im pretty sure the raging pregnancy hormones are similar to menopausal hormonal chaos. Any clue, anyone?


3 Responses to “Kicking it in..”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    i was beyond TERRIFIED to go on the anti-nausea pill (diclectin)but i wasnt keeping anything down n i could barly walk.. after feeling like that for a while and coming very close to being hospitalized, twice, i made duaa asking Allah for help to make the right decision and alhamdulillah i think i made the right one by taking the meds…..mashallah my boy is very healthy and very strong….
    hope you decide to do whatever is best for you n your babe…i trust ur judgement…
    inshaAllah hope you feel better

  2. chachi Says:

    bed rest for 72 hours huh? so where does all that packing come in? rest woman rest!

    eesa’s a riot mashallah, his urdu is like that of a 50 something aunty…he speaks it like mom and phoophos.

    when we were waiting for z to pick us up for Dadi’s, z called to say he was downstairs…eesa promptly closed his book and said ‘chaley’ (shall we)

  3. Ayesha Says:

    Good luck with feeling better and I agree – NO MORE PACKING FOR YOU!!!

    Congrats on the new home, you both are not too young, mashaAllah you will be parents of two beautiful children soon inshaAllah and so therefore I think that you are more then ready for your own home!! may Allah bless your new place

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