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Cleaning out the dust bunnies.. June 7, 2007

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So I’m back. Finally decided to clean out the dust bunnies from my blog and update with everything thats been happening over the last month.

We finalized on our home day before yesterday. InshaAllah, we will be moving into our first, very own, home on July 30th. Alllllllllllllll the way in Milton. Ok well, it’s not as far as everyone makes it out to be. It’s actually only about 12 minutes from Al-falah and only about 25 minutes from downtown TO. It took us only about 30-35 mins from Scarberia (Scarborough). I’m not sharing piccys, coz then, the only way you can see it is by coming over:P

 Alhamdolillah, we went for our first gynae apptmt and our midwife orientation. We’ve decided to stick with the gynae for now. Although we have no problems with the midwifery care, we just weren’t comfy with the particular region I went to. So we’ve signed up with the peel/halton region midwifery care (which would be closer to our new home inshaAllah) and are continuing to visit the gynae for now inshaAllah.

Health wise, the nausea is still around. I’m noticing that each time I take my prenatal vitamins, I throw up more. I’m not sure if its a reaction or its the size of the pill. From the stories I’ve been reading online, I’m a lil hesitant to speculate that the nausea should be subsiding soon. Some women tend to have it throughout! :O

My mind is dying more by the day! Infact, a few days ago, Imran even mentioned how lost I am. I literally forget my thoughts mid-sentence! What I say, doesnt reflect what I’m thinking and what I think doesnt reflect ANYTHING.

 I also have the freakiest of phobias! recently, i think i saw one of those survivor or fear factor type of shows with a snake during the commercial and for the past week, my entire night is spent either hearing out or checking the bed for snakes. I know it sounds obnoxious, but I can’t help it!! As soon as I start reading my dua’as I feel calmer, but still not calm enough to drift back to sleep. WIERD!

There! I just confirmed all your suspicions! There are indeed a few loose screws in my brain.. the pregnancy is only unscrewing it further. lol


3 Responses to “Cleaning out the dust bunnies..”

  1. chachi Says:

    chachi don’t gooooooo
    we happy for you mashallah but we gonna miss you (and eesa, and chacha and booboo)

  2. aasi maasi Says:

    hey you! ur FINALLY back!
    ya, i wouldnt count on the nausea going away anytime soon… i had it pretty bad up to 6 mnths… but inshallah i hope things go well for you….
    thats funny you say that uve developed phobias… pre-pregnancy i had NO problems with blood n such.. i could watch surgeries being performed on tv .. u know, like the ER shows.. anyways, i noticed that during and since my pregnancy i cant watch them anymore..i thought i was weird and just kept it to myself.. but perhaps pregnancy does more than make us fat, sick n absentminded……………

  3. Sheza Says:

    hehe aasi, i had the blood thing sinc epre-pregnancy and same with the snakes thing… but im just more conscious now, i thinK!:P

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