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Sour!! May 18, 2007

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I want sour! Anything! Lemon. Chaat. Kurkure. Nothing is sour enough!

Yesterday my back was hurting like anything so we made an emergency trip to the chiropractors. Well, now my back is perfectly fine alhamdolillah… but I’ve been throwing up like anything. it was as though the back pain was masking all this other stuff.

 Nausea this time around is much, much, much worse than my previous pregnancies. And i’m writing this so the next time i try to convince imran that we need more babies, i want to read back and remember what this was like!

Poor imran and nayma dragged me out last night for a drive, but i couldnt even get out of the car. If i changed positions from lying to sitting to standing or anything… i threw up. it was insane. All that yummy cafe sinai I begged imo to take us for the night before 😦 *sigh* 

anyhoo.. thats all the whinning I wanted to get out! hehe


3 Responses to “Sour!!”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    oh the memories…
    i feel your pain…
    i hope you feel better
    just think, inshaAllah before you know it ull be able to hold ur lil baby
    love ya

  2. Hina Says:

    Hey!!! I didn’t realize you were expecting until today. Shows how much my skills are deteriorating after having the second baby.


    Hope you’re feeling well, keep blogging. I want to know how things are developing.


  3. Um Ibrahim Says:

    Aw..May Allah give you strength, am in my 4 months pregnancy now and and the nausea still hasn’t gone:(, though with my 1st pregnancy I didn’t feel a thing except when it’s time to labour, I guess different child diferent stomach:)

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