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Around.. week 10 May 17, 2007

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Amidst gynae and midwife visits, court sessions and media drama, foodswings and eesa’s cuddles…

I’m around!

It’s been a crazy week and a half so far. So much has happened… I’ve revisited my old gynae and met up with a midwife – yet i still can’t decide which one it would be! I’ve been swamped with an entire list of bloodwork that I need to get done at a lab, a pile of magazines and tons of baby product samples to go through.

I feel completely anti-social right now – mostly because I’m an embarassment to myself. I feel like I should pack up my entire education and dust my hands of them. I’m loosing my memory people. HORRIBLY. I can’t remember anything anymore. I would be talking to person A one moment, discussing what I need to tell person B as I’m dialing the phone. As soon as person B answers, I make a fool of myself by not remembering what i had to say. A mere 20 seconds differential!

I’ve been having a great time with Eesa. He thinks my nausea happens everytime the baby jumps.. its so cute.. he points to my belly and tells my bump: ‘no jumping!’.

With Imo travelling so much recently, Eesa’s become really attached and clingy with me. He wants eveything to be done by me. I was just reading up on how its a sense of consistency and security for him. I’m just loving the constant cuddles and kisses I get endowed with mashaAllah. We spend endless hours just playing crazy games where his imagination runs wild! its amazing how much a two year old can think up!!

Anyhow… I need to go tinkle for the umpteenth time today. So catchya!


One Response to “Around.. week 10”

  1. chachi Says:

    don’t feel that way about education…finish what you started! it will be that much more of an accomplishment for you to finish your dream…while having 2 kids!

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