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Chaos.. May 9, 2007

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 I remember during my last pregnancy, I would joke off about women who had cravings, calling it entirely psychological. I kid you not, God is mercilessly teaching me a lesson for being so judgemental!

This morning, I woke up wanting some chaat papri. As the day progressed, my list has increased… i want paani puri and samosa chaat too. I want something torturously sour.. like jolly rancher’s sour apple candy intensified. Aagh as I’m typing this out, I’m scared I’d start dropping drool all over Imo’s laptop.

I cant button my pants anymore and praying with them on feels as though the veins in my face would explode when i go into ruku’. So skirts is it. Most embarassingly, I’m starting to loose my train of thoughts, mid conversation and my hormonal fluctuations are making me feel like a yo-yo. I can be extremely exhausted one moment and super hyper the next. Infact, day before yest, i was being super cranky and biting my poor hubbys ears off. 20 minutes later, I threw up and felt like the happiest woman alive. Go figure.

The weather is getting warmer alhamdolillah so we’ve been trying to get the balcony back in shape. We should have eesa’s inflatable pool set up by early next week inshaAllah. This weekend, hopefully daadi’s pool will reopen as well inshaAllah. CANT WAIT.


3 Responses to “Chaos..”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    i am SO coming for a swim inshaAllah !!!!!!!
    dont forget to invite moi s.v.p.

    = D

  2. chachi Says:

    the pool is a pregnant woman’s best friend…especially in the summer!

    btw…for a quick pant fix…i used to do this. loop a rubber band through your pants button hole, and then stretch it across and hook it around your button…you get a few extra inches.

  3. Mona Says:

    ohhh how i’d love a swim right now! lucky you!
    i still have some leftover cravings and no excuse to give in 😦
    i’d say enjoy it while you can..

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