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Travelling.. May 8, 2007

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I remember back before we had Eesa, everyone would scare us by saying life stops once you have a baby. We wouldn’t be able to go anywhere, do anything or meet anyone. I desperately didnt want to become one of those mommies whose conversations at a party revolved only and solely around their childrens’ latest – toys, clothes, milestones etc.

Over two years into mommyhood, with Eesa around, life hasn’t changed much. We’ve travelled endlessly, by road and air. Imo and I are still out and about everywhere possible. And my conversations don’t revolve around fisher price, carters or lil tikes. Infact, i’m getting sick of those. Call it my new excessively volatile hormones or whatever, but three days in New Jersey and I was not the least bit motivated to shop. I just didn’t want to! I accomplished nothing out of my shopping list. NOTHING.

But what we did do was spend an entire day by the American Falls. We took a guided tour on a sanfrancisco type bus and did everything touristy possible. We learnt facts about the falls, walked endlessly and took pictures like crazy.

Above all, we spent time together. Just another of a million more vacations that everyone promised we’d never be able to take.


4 Responses to “Travelling..”

  1. jammie Says:

    so there is hope yet eh? 🙂

  2. Mona Says:

    yeah, i’m pretty terrified i’m going to be one of those moms too. i really hope not – i hope i can find a happy medium like you, iA.

  3. shezahasan Says:

    jam, i hope so! i hope i can still say the same next year, once I’m a mommy to two! inshaAllah.

    Mona, sometimes I’m horrified at the thought of perhaps being an inadequate mommy just coz I make my son do everything that I do and that I expect him to always be mobile and spontaneous like both imo and i are.

  4. naymOoOooOo Says:

    put up piccys…
    it ll be cool…

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