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Egg-sessed! May 3, 2007

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These days i’m completely egg obsessed. I want omlettes all the time!!! Cheese omlettes for that!

Speaking of cheese, we’re heading to new jersey today inshaAllah for a basketball game tmrw evening. Imran had tickets for last weeks game in new jersey but at the last moment, he had to travel for work. This week we managed to get some more tickets and inshaAllah are heading out in a couple of hours.

Bring out the salami and cheeese – this ball game is OVER!

 Not to forget, my favourite chant from game 5: “Let’s go Raptors. VC Sucks!!”


2 Responses to “Egg-sessed!”

  1. Mona Says:

    ooo, i’m still egg-sessed – leftover from my pregnancy. i think the first two trimesters i lived on boiled eggs!
    even today, i cannot say no to a boiled egg.
    have a safe trip sheza!

  2. chachi Says:

    make sure you boo those nets! i love that chant as well, its at every raptors/nets game we’ve gone too

    dont forget to check out the baby aisles in NJ

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