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Food swings part 2.. May 1, 2007

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Yes guys, the food is still giving me a hard time. Unlike my previous pregnancies, I’m having super cravings this time around. I’m TOTALLY into food for some reason. Yesterday evening, I randomly had this urge to have some Aero mints. *grr* So much so that, I finally walked down to the daisy mart down the street to pick up some aero mints and sour apple candies. *phew* it was good to finally get the urge out of the system!

 Imran returned from Vancouver this morning and completely spoilt me with a breakfast in bed. Again, weirdly enough, I was craving omlettes. Those who know me, know that i CANT stand eggs. They give me those gross feeling and for the longest time, I couldnt even watch someone eat eggs. But I guess, the lil baby in my tummy takes after his/her father who LOVES eggs. Nonetheless, Imo hooked up some yummy cheese omlette and toast for me. I’m still not used to having milk, so cheese it is!  So far, I’m craving some chicken sandwiches and margarita (just looked up the sandwich recipe on maryams blog on aasi’s shower).

But ironically enough, as much as I’m enjoying eating the food, its not sitting well at all. Ive been throwing up like crazy lately which leaves me with a disgusting feeling. The moment i drink milk, it comes right out. The moment I eat salted crackers, it comes right out too. I’m noticing it with lemon too. *hmpph*

Another thing thats been bothering me is the complete exhaustion. I can sleep endlessly and still wake up tired. I hate not having any energy throughout the day. But alhamdolillah, its a means to a beautiful end inshaAlllah.

Tommorow, inshaAllah, I’ll find out if the midwives can take me on. I’m actually looking forward to meeting them inshaAllah. Imo and I are still very skeptical abt the midwives though. At the end of the day, Imo says its my choice, but its a tough decision. I had a really great time with my gynae and would love to go on with her – the only prob being she’s in Mrssauga (approx 40mins from here without traffic).

 I guess if i go with her, I’d just have to pray I dont have the baby during rush hour. lol.


5 Responses to “Food swings part 2..”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    I just looked up that recipe on mannams blog too!! I made margaritas for the sleepover thing that i went to friday night – they were a hit!

  2. monasays Says:

    i couldn’t stand milk either, so my doc’d recommended that i aim for two bowls of yogurt a day to make sure i was getting enough calcium.
    and i hated throwing up!! who would have thought it would get worse..the heartburn that followed!
    it’s wonderful though that you’re being so positive about it and i hope it gets better for you soon, iA!

  3. aasi maasi Says:

    thinking about u being preg. makes me miss my preg. days
    hearing bout the throwing up n nasty-ness feeling makes me not miss my preggo days and enjoy these days i have with my baby now…
    lol.. but ur right.. its aaall worth it with something awesome at the end inshaAllah
    hope u feel better
    i tried anything and everything.. maybe one of the following *may* help:…
    ginger candy
    ginger tea
    black tea
    mint tea
    black tea w/ mint leaves
    dry crackers
    freezies (these helped me a bit)
    fruit (specially peaches)
    anti-nausea braclets (u can get em @ shoppers, they press on an accupunture point that is supposed to help..actually, take mine, i dont need em)
    neroli (an aromatherapy scent)
    the smell of grapefuit
    jolly ranchers
    sour patch kids
    ice water

    okay thats all i can think of now
    hope i helped n didnt make u feel gross
    i remember even hearing the names of some foods made me gag
    luv ya!

  4. chachi Says:

    it’s sooo nice seeing you so upbeat and excited about everything. such a change from last time.

    about midwives…i know i’ve been nagging you endlessly about them, but at thee end, do what you feel the most comfortable with. i met with both an obgyn and midwives for the first 2 months and my midwives made me feel extremely assured and comfortable. there were other midwives that i met with that i didn’t quite get that feeling with.

    make sure you do istikhaarah before deciding and inshallah everything works out well. *hugz*

  5. cheesoo Says:

    bohat belated, bohat mubarak!

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