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Motherhood… April 28, 2007

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Eesa’s gone over to his grandma’s for the weekend and the house is getting a good clean while he’s away. The result of my hardwork lasts longer when he’s not around, but I really miss him while he’s gone.

Nothing ever prepared me for this feeling ofunconditional love. Yesterday, Eesa & I were watching our fave – sesame street – and he turned around to give me a hug – just randomly. I have to say, it was the most heart warming feeling ever – i could just lay my life out for him right there. He also has this way of placing his hands on either side of my face and clenching his teeth super hard… as though he cant let go (or so i hope!)

Recently, we’ve been learning our ABC’s. In the car, he was just humming along the tune, until he got to Gee, Aich, Aii … he went over that part a few times and then proudly announced to my mum, ‘Anneh! Aich, aii – CHAI!’ (aich, aii makes up chai{tea}).

Its an inexplanable sense of achievement to watch him make the connections. The other day he was singing ‘lakri ki kathi’ (sorry aasi, no idea how to translate that – its just a nursery rhyme in urdu for kids). and then he goes ‘ mama horsie ko ouch ho gaya’. (mum the hose go hurt).

I responded, ‘uh oh, how Eesa?’

He goes, ‘hammer se’ (by a hammer! – the nursery rhyme talks about a hathora(hammer) hurting the horse, and being his father and grandfather’s blood – he’s a hardy tool/handyman to the core!).

The point being, he made the connection between the rhyme and the story, especially considering the fact that the rhyme is in urdu.


Last, but not the least, we have an announcement to make. We’ve been secretly harbouring a blog for the past few weeks. https://powderfresh.wordpress.com



6 Responses to “Motherhood…”

  1. AaSiYa Says:

    its always super exciting to hear the news of someone expecting a baby.. but now that i have my own, and i know what it feels like to be a mom im just so much more excited for you!! mabrook times a million! may Allah SWT make this pregnancy an enjoyable and easy one (well, as much as possible at least).. and bless you with a pious and healthy baby inshaAllah… try for a girl this time.. lol. just kidding..
    love all three of ya!
    congrats big brother to be eesoo!

  2. Umm Belaal Says:

    *phew* the cat is finally outta the bag!
    i’m gonna be a chachi again inshallah
    (btw aasi, its too late to try for a girl…that deeds already been done ;))

  3. Shezalldat Says:

    lol@ u two! hahaha

  4. Mona Says:

    hey hey, i was a first of ramadan baby too 🙂
    that’s really great though that you took him for taraweeh and he’s had no problems. my mom scares me because she says the weather’s changing and a lot of people/kids are down with the flu, God alone knows how many what’s in the air.
    i’m prone to ignoring stuff like that and doing my own thing too. i’m going clothes-shopping for meself this evening.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Mabrook! May Allaah bless u and your family and may He grant u a righteous, pious, healthy and a happy baby aameen!
    barakAllaahu feeki
    wassalaamu ‘alayki,

  6. Hina Ali Says:

    subhan Allah! congratulations…

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