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Milk.. April 28, 2007

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As I was clearing out Eesa’s drawers of his clothes, I just remembered the smell of milk on his breath when he was a baby. I suddenly missed being able to hold him in one arm or to be able to tickle his wobbly cheeks. I had this sudden urge to put up spy cams everywhere around our place and record everything possible about him. I want to bottle it up and savour it forEVER.

Suddenly, I’m reminded of all the gross things I went through during my last pregnancy. All the nausea, the gagging, the big belly button – the outtie I tried sealing with a scotch tape, being unable to fit into anything, the waddle walk, the fact that I could slip out some pee while I sneezed, etc etc. Oh gosh! But 30 months down the lane, it all seems so worth it.

Almost two months into this pregnancy, I can’t wait to enter my second trimester. 5 more weeks inshaAllah.


One Response to “Milk..”

  1. Mona Says:

    oooooooo! mA, congratulations!
    this is such good news!

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