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Feeling.. April 28, 2007

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Lately, Eesa’s seen me throw up or gag a few times. And because he’d have this really sad face, I would tell him mommy isn’t feeling well. A few days ago, during his bedtime, he asked me if we could play ‘carwash’ (build a carwash using blocks of different shapes). As I sat up, I started gagging and told him, ‘Mommy isn’t feeling well, so she can’t’.

Ever since then, anytime that I gag, he asks ‘mama feeling?’ as in ‘youre not feeling well?’ The concern on his face is adorable mashaAllah.

Yesterday afternoon, I asked him to pick up the toys from the rug, once he was done playing. He was super tired and really not in the mood. So he puts his hand on his mouth and starts making all these gagging sounds and starts coughing. lol.

I knew he was pretending, so I asked him, ‘Eesa, you’re not feeling well?’.

He replied, “Eesa no feeling’. I had to literally hold myself from laughing out loud. I didnt want to dismiss his feelings so I promptly asked him to lay down for a few minutes and take a rest. But ofcourse, patience is a virtue indeed and we couldn’t stay down for more than 30 seconds.  Nonetheless, it was funny while it lasted. lol

Eesa knows there’s a baby in my tummy so he cant jump on me anymore. I remember when Maryam was pregnant, he’d think she was hiding a ball under her abaya. He’d go and lift up her abaya, trying to find it. lol.I wonder what he’ll do this time inshaAllah. Any of you with multiple children, share your stories and advice plz!


One Response to “Feeling..”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    congratulations sheza!! im soo excited and happy for you!! there are sooo many babies popping up everywhere mashaAllah!!!!

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