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Foodswings April 22, 2007

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Yesterday, Imran and I were dicussing how much into food I am during this pregnancy. During my last pregnancy, I didn’t gain or lose weight during the first three months but I wasnt INTO food. I wasnt picky and just had whatever was there, just alot of it. But foods that I didnt like, i was content with even a bit eor two as meals.

During work, Imran and I used to meet at harvey’s everyday and while before pregnancy I’d have half a veggie burger and fries, during pregnancy I’d finish my burger and fries, munch from imran’s fries and then have half his veggie burger while he was still only having his fish burger. I’d eat FAST and alot- mashaAllah.

 This time around, I’m picky about food. Really picky. Everything that I usually liked eating, I don’t feel like eating anymore. I LOVE tiramaisu and got mom to make me a dish. But when I feel like having it, i’ll go upto the fridge, load up my dish and then all of a sudden I just DONT feel like eating it. Last night I took an enchilada onto my plate and then all of a sudden I just didnt want it. Its nothing to do with taste, looks or smell. My taste changes all of a sudden. how whack is that?

Weel, last night, I wanted to have sour and spicy beef chunks cooked in chinese seasoning. Then I wanted somali food. Then I wanted some more chicken florentine. My mouth was salivating throughout the night with just the thought of these foods – I probably drooled onto my pillow during the night too!

Imran’s loving my food swings coz generally I love eating at home and he loves eating out. Evven if its food from a restaurant, i always love it more if its a take out so i can eat at home without the abaya hassle. But for the last week, i just want to eat out and that accounts for a VERy happy hubby. 🙂 

These days, I also enjoy eating things with a twist- ive been wanting to eat cheddar cheese with pepper every morning- (you guys should try it! It’s YUM! ). I’m also eating marie biscuits dipped into orange juice – tastes like orange cake (ive got eesa hooked onto this too). Combinations that i would never eat or discover otherwise. I dont know if i’d like it after pregnancy or not but i’m loving it now. Last pregnancy I developed a repulsion to glade’s citrus plug-in smells, even though i used to love it before. It used to make me nauseaous. I had assumed, i’d outgrow it after the pregnancy but i still dont enjoy the smell the way i used to before my pregnancy.

 Yesterday morning, mama stocked up my fridge and insisted that I finish the food soon. I’m storing it for days I dont feel like cooking. I was amazed at how fast she cooked. By the time i woke up, there were two dishes of biryani curry ready so all i have to do is add rice. There was two types of kababs and some burger patties. Spicy lentils (daal). Dishes of lasagne and roasted chicken for sandwiches. I had to literally tell her to stop and sit with me instead. Thank God for mums! The house feels soooo empty now that she’s gone *sniff* Thats a whole post on its own.

Maryam was just telling me that I seem to be enjoying this pregnancy alot more than my last one. I am. I loved having eesa but it was weird being pregnant. I had never known anyone pregnant before and had never really been around kids. The last pregnant woman I knew was my mum and that was almost 15 years ago. I was too young to remember anything. With Eesa, I just didnt know what to do or what should be done. I was only 19 and had alot of anxiety and stress. Plus I was living with alot of people and it was weird feeling or expressing anything. This time around, I’m loving the freedom and the experience from being pregnant before. I doubt my experience with my last pregnancy affected my love for him at all, I couldnt possibly love anyone more than the way I love eesa. That bond is completely unique and totally ours alone.


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  1. Chachi Says:

    last time around i think everyone forced you to do your baby shopping around 6 months….this time you started your shopping list at 6 weeks….thats even earlier than me! 🙂

    im looking forward to shopping for my neice/nephew!

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