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Itchy scratchy.. April 16, 2007

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The weekend went by so fast, i can’t even believe its monday already.

Friday afternoon chot, my cousin from pak arrived. Friday being her first day over, I made some chicken parmesan and chicken ginger soup with garlic bread and stir fried corn. There was a basketball game on so we spent the evening just watching basketball and playing scrabble.

Saturday morning, a friend came over from Calgary and we just hung around downtown. In the afternoon Bajia, my eldest cousin from dad’s side, arrived and we bummed out back and forth at home. We had to go somewhere for dinner so we swung by and came home around 9ish to spend more time with each other at home. We stayed up till fajr and then got up early morning since bajia, chot and their friend had to go out for breakfast. Afterwards, we all went to ikea ( i came back having spent a total of $11 – a record!!) and then bajia and chot went out while I went to a meeting. It was almost 7 by the time we got done and I was pooped beyond belief. Imran and I were joking that for the first time in my life, i admitted that ikea exhausted me. The walk and all was extremely tiring and the lack of windows really bothered me.

Mama’s leaving next weekend and that already feels too close. I just want to hang on to her like her apron string. lol.

and now eesas up from his noon nap. ciao


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