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Food & I April 16, 2007

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So my trouble with food has begun. What I wouldn’t do to shove the food below my throat and keep it there. It seems the moment i swallow something, it keeps bubbling in my throat, ready to spring out at any given moment. Drops of lemon help – which theoretically shouldn’t coz its more acid. I just squeeze a few drops here and there during the day. What really doesnt work for me is salted crackers. I’ve tried and tried but they make my throat so dry – i get gagging. I had crackers with soup last night – BIG mistake. My tummy was rumbling like a maniac. Had to finally calm down the queasing with some antacids – hajmola – the only, fart smelling, one that imran swears by. gotta get some Tums soon inshaAllah.

At this exact moment, I think I’m humbled by God’s mercies. There’s definitely a reason why the person who came up with the term ‘morning sickness’ is dead – otherwise I would have ensured he was! I say ‘he’ above because it has to be a man to come up with a term that totally doesnt resonate what I’m feeling. Gross understatement. All day sickness, more like it.


One Response to “Food & I”

  1. Chachi Says:

    let the fun times begin!

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