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busy weekend ahead.. April 14, 2007

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Sorry I havent posted in a while. Its been a hectic and busy week here between running errands and getting on top of school work.

Last semester is finally over. it was one crazy semester, i dont know how i got through it… I just did. Alhamdolillah. 9 more weeks and ill be done two yrs of this craziness. Although, i have to admit that despite all my whining abt it, i love the course I am currently taking and if it were not for the course, I would have gone crazy identifying many diff pieces with the puzzle called life.

Anyhow, Eesa seems to have picked up some form of rash all over his back. Its keeping the poor guy super restless and frustrated all the time. My heart actually breaks watching him, trying to figure out what to do. Initially i thought it was food. Then detergent. Then food again. Then fabric. Finally i thought it was measles. In the end, I took him to the doctors’ who said its just a rash that develops into eczema. THAT did it. I was ready to sob my eyes out. My family has had a long and painful relationship with eczema. I personally have gone through years of treatment, trying to treat it and remember the exhaustion and stress that always seemed to follow me around. I hope inshaAllah he cures soon. Ameen.

I’m loving the spring clearance in most stores nowadays. i’m loving the bargains that I’m getting to pick out these days. I raided children’s place last week and picked out polo tops and summer tees for 5 bucks each. I was amazed! I need to find him some cute pants now since he’s outgrown most of them.

Today, chot, one of my elder cousins, arrived in TO. Tommorow, her elder sister and someone else we know from calgary are arrving fron NJ. InshaAllah its going to be a packed house. We’ve got dawats to attend tmrw night and the day after and lots of sightseeing during hte day inshaAllah.

Ill be out of the blog scene this weekend inshaAllah, catch you all again on monday iA.


2 Responses to “busy weekend ahead..”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    aww my poor baby eesa!!

  2. Umm Belaal Says:

    it broke chachi’s heart too to see his rash…he let me put the calamine lotion on though (but I had to use his doctor’s set as well, he’d hand me each piece and i’d have to check him and apply calamine lotion in between).
    hope you get better eesoo.

    btw went to children’s place outlet in hartland….the stuff you got for $5 was $2.99 there.

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