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It’s confirmed.. April 12, 2007

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So i called up dr syed’s office to find out the result for my blood test, which i went for day before yesterday. and its positive alhamdolillah. The receptionist is super perky and replies in a very chirpy and laidback humour. Anyway, she mentioned that I have to come in sometime today afternoon to discuss the lil ‘finding’ with the doc. btw, i was assuming dr syed to be some kind of a 100 yr old doctor but rather, she’s pretty young (in her 40’s), very hip doctor. I was v. impressed by her. none the less, it’s OFFICIAL!

I think I forgot to mention. Last time i went to her office, we told eesa we were going to the doctor to get momma fixed. he assumed it was to get my ducts functioning for him – he thinks he cant have milk anymor ecoz momma’s ill – remember the white outs?

 as soon as i got back home, the first thing he asked was… ‘mama, doodoo theak?’ (mama, is the milk ok now?) LOL!!!! it was hillarious. poor thing.

i told mum abt three days ago buttold her i’d confirm once i get the blood work done. She kept insisting that i was pregnant so i told her anyway. I also told mannam last night – she doesnt know abt this blog yet tho.

Which leaves me with the dillemma of my course! i’ll be two semesters (6 mths) short by the time the baby is born. Allahu aalim.


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