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Class-y April 11, 2007

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Yesterday being monday, I spent most of the day bumming around in college. It was the last day of college so nothing exciting happened, the profs came in, marked attendance, collected asgmts and left! Most of our classes are 2-3 hrs long, so we basically sat around for the rest of the 1 or 2. Two girls randomly asked me if i was pregnant. Apparently, they say, i have a ‘glow’ and pregnant posture… I don’t feel glow-ey at all and the baby is the size of a dot so how the posture changes, i dont know..  Imo insists I look “glow-y” and radiant too. It might be the weight i’ve picked up lately. He says tthe weight suits me, but maybe he’s forgotten the big duck i looked like last time around. Tired yes, glow-ey not.

Ever since i’ve had an inkling, I’ve been surfing the web for baby stuff endlessly. Trying to find the ‘perfect’ diaper bag and stroller system. I have tons of eesa’s stuff so no need to get lots. But somethings i want newer ones anyway. For eesa, I had safety first travel system but it was very wibbly wobbly and HEAVY. Carrying the carseat was like picking up a piece of brick.

This stroller is the one i love so far. I love dark, chocolate brown. Turquoise just makes it all the more worth it. Though, at other times i find it too minty. (I’m sharing this with aasiya as we speak. She’s jst asked me when my last dates were. She insists she’s going to ask me everyday forth from now.)

I also love this City chic.. mommy bag. Alot more than my Favorite diaper bag.

Which brings me to wondering how simple life was for our parents. Lesser variety, lesser amenities. No stress, no dillemmas. Whoaa! Alot of stuff in the market these days, ifind to be super baby decorators. There’s really no need for them, but they’re around coz ppl will just buy them anyway.


One Response to “Class-y”

  1. Chachi Says:

    graco makes different types of strollers, this one is a smaller version, make sure u ‘test drive’ it at BRU to make sure its not wobbly. aasi and i have the quattro tour strollers…which are the graco SUV kind.

    love the colors mashallah

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