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Love.. April 9, 2007

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As I’m sitting and writing my third post for the day – an attempt towards exhausting my inner desire to scream out to the world about whats going on within- I’m humbled by the space and strength in a parent’s heart. To have the capacity to love so intensely and abundantly. How could I possibly love so many people this passionately? My parents. Us. Eesa.

With Eesa, I never thought i could love another child so. But along comes the possibility of two plus two equal four and i’m a softy all over again. Instinctively, expanding the arms of my heart to cuddle and welcome in a new being into our lil abode. 


One Response to “Love..”

  1. nayma Says:

    love eh?
    forgettin sumone?
    *ahem ahem*
    i get the hint….
    *sniff sniff*

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