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First dentist visit… April 5, 2007

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Today was our first trip to the dentists. Baba and Eesa had back to back appointments and Baba went first. During Baba’s appointment, Eesa pulled in a chair next to Baba’s chair and held his hand through the appointment. The gesture tore my heart into shreds and I promptly pulled out my camera to snap a million and one pictures. InshaAllah, I hope they both share a continous, mutual bond of strength and support forever. ameen.

Initially eesa was petrified of the masked hygenist. But the hygenist broke the bond by handing him a sparkling, bright orange tooth brush which achieved the results we were hoping for.

As the hygenist worked on baba, eesa kept yelling ‘eesa turn’. (its eesa’s turn). After a while, he started going eesa sleep time! (eesa’s turning to lay down on the reclining dentist chair). Finally when it was his turn, he very bravely climbed up the chair and sat down. Once on the chair, however, he was trying to put on a brave front. His face had scrunched intoa tiny thing and his eyes wee popping out (caught on camera). The hygenist said there isnt much to do for a two year old, so she stuck in a mirror instrument, moved it around inside to see if there were any cavities – none found Alhamdolillah. By this time, eesa’s patience ran out and he was ready to jump down. That was it 😀

Here’s an album of the piccys. Sorry if some of them are repeated. I can’t view them yet, it took me over 5 hours to upload them.

p.s. in some of the pics u can see his socks. one’s yellow and the other white/grey. one is his khala’s and one his phoppos.


4 Responses to “First dentist visit…”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    aww mashaAllah he is soo cute!! why is he wearing two different peoples socks?!

  2. Shezalldat Says:

    lol. coz he refused to wear his own

  3. lobna-om elzooz elazooz Says:

    salam sis…mashallah very cute big boy…my son is 29 months :)alittle like your son i think! I hope my son will be strong like your son when he visit the dentest;)

  4. Umm Belaal Says:

    awesome mashallah for a first dentist visit.

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