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Going Daadi Home March 30, 2007

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Yesterday was Eesa’s day to go Daadi home (grandma’s place). He woke up in the morning and spoke with Daadi, who told him that he’s coming over later in the day. All of a sudden he had an energy rush. He ran to shower, brush and change. Usually getting him to select clothes etc is a pain, but yesterday, he was ready to wear anything we picked out. He was sooo ready, he wore his jackets and shoes and went and sat at his breakfast table. This was 11 am in the morning and Dada wasn’t due to pick him up until 5pm.

Luckily dada called at just that moment and said, i’m on my way to pick booboo up. Once he came over, Eesa refused to let him enter the apartment, he wanted to leave from the door. Reluctantly, he agreed to let dada have tea. During tea, dada was explaining something to baba and Eesa went up to dada and said ‘dada talk eesa’ (dada talk to eesa instead). Finally the tea was done and eesa was ready to go. He sprang out of the apartment as though he was finally released from home arrest. lol.

I love the bond he shares with his grandparents. His grandma is absolutely head over heels in love with him. She does all her chores with him hanging on her hips. She’d slide down staircase banisters with him and crawl on her fours playing toys with him. Even Imran’s aunts would empty out eesa’s toy buckets and sit on the floor under the staircase with him to play. Today, I called to speak with eesa and eesa was sitting on dada’s back singing lakri ki kathi. May Allah swt keep the bond strong forever. ameen

Here are pics from eesa’s happenings at daadi home.


2 Responses to “Going Daadi Home”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    hahaha mashaAllah, he’s soo cute, ameen to your duaa and I LOVE THE PICS!!!

  2. Mona Says:

    thank you for your du’as!
    i’ve started on that list and you’re absolutely right, it’s definitely a good way to pass the time.
    god, you went 5 days overdue. i can only imagine what that would feel like, though i’d rather not. i hate it when friends call up to ask if i’ve ‘popped’…it’s like i’m missing a deadline of some sort and being made to feel like a loser :/ lol, it’s funny in a weird sort of way.
    honestly, eesa is a cutie. and so photogenic mA. may Allah SWT protect him from everything bad.

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