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Memories… March 24, 2007

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It’s only been a year… but it seems like these pix are from forever ago! No longer a toddler, I can’t even remember a time where life was without Eesa =)

6 Responses to “Memories…”

  1. AaSiYa Says:

    im sensing an upcoming pregnancy?
    lol… just teasing you..
    mashallah cute pics.. time flies so fast when you have a baby!

    Eesoo i looooooooove youuuuuuuuu – i fell in love with you all over again after hearing the msg you left on my voicemail yesterday… aasi maasi, come! aaasi maaaasi !

  2. Shezalldat Says:

    Aasi, no pregnancy that i’m aware of – YET! lol.

  3. Mona Says:

    aww! look at your eesa..he’s a cutie, mA.
    haha, i love your sil’s theory, it’s better than thinking about (icky) stretchmarks!
    please keep me in your prayers..i will see the doc tonight and hopefully put up a confirmed date, iA!

  4. Umm Belaal Says:

    what’s my theory?

    btw the pix don’t show

  5. Shezalldat Says:

    maryam i posted the following on mona’s blog about stretchmarks:

    “about the lines underside your belly… they’re probably just stretch marks that will show up after the baby is born. my SIL had the same thing and she almost thought that it was the baby scratching her from inside. lol. but there’s never any harm getting it chked out anyway”

  6. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    i cant see the pics either!!

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