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Two two Nayma khala… March 19, 2007

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So Shaima came over from pak yest. For the first time in almost 4 years, we’re all together as a family. It is also the second time Eesa is meeting both his khalas at the same time. (usually one is here in may and the other comes in aug). The first he met them both together, he was too young.

Today, he came over with daadi and saw both of them….he couldnt believe his eyes. He came running to me and goes:

”Mama!! Two two Nayma khala!!” (mama, there’s two of nayma khala – they both look like twins even though they are 7 yrs apart). lol


3 Responses to “Two two Nayma khala…”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    HAHAHHAHAHA MASHAALLAH!!! he is soo observant and soo eloquent!!! – put a picture of them up, i wanna see both of them and how much they look like each other

  2. AaSiYa Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaw.. thats soooo cite mashaAllah! i miss him!
    he hasnt called me for a while = (
    [hes called me before at random times cuz my number is the first listed in shezas cell.. but i like to think he does it on purpose cuz he loves his aasi maasi so much.. heehee]

  3. Mona Says:

    aww mA! that’s adorable! eesa’s soo cute.
    your comment about your husband thinking the baby couldn’t breathe because of the scotch tape had me cracking up. mine’s not that much of an outie though, thank God, it doesn’t show through my abaya.
    didn’t it hurt though to pull the tape off? i can’t even bring myself to touch mine. even now. actually, especially now, since it’s sore and the area around it is all achy.

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