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Memories… March 18, 2007

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It’s a day of nostalgia for me, i suppose. Just came across these pictures of Eesa’s from almost two years ago so quickly uploaded them. He’s crawling all over chacha and chaachi’s car after dinner at a local pizzeria.

I have to say, I love the blubber all around him and those tiny bunny teeth mashaAllah.


3 Responses to “Memories…”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    mashaAllah he was soo moto back then, i cant believe he’s grown up soo much!!! in eesa’s words “eesa cutie!!”

  2. Umm Belaal Says:

    look at those tires mashallah
    it feels like yesterday

    i look at B and try to picture what he will look like at eesa’s age now

  3. AaSiYa Says:

    mashaAllah.. soooo cute
    so whens musa coming? lol
    dont worry, im just being an aunty = )
    i like chachis hijaab!

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