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French immersion… March 16, 2007

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So part of having a balanced lifestyle includes extra curricular actitivies – one of which is french immersion classes. I’ve always been quick with languages and really want Eesa to be multilingual inshaAllah. (our bldg supervisor gets really amused by the fact that eesa can spk bits of three languages – english, urdu and arabic (merely alhamdolillah and salaams)).

So anyway, today during french class, there were two latino girls who joined us. The chic magnet that he is, he shamelessly chatted them up throughout the entire class. He even buttered them up with some rockets (those tiny candies) and mimicked everything they did. Not once did he turn around to look if i was still in room and participated alot more in class – raising his hands to participate in all the activities.

MashaAllah he’s generally very ocnfident in all his classes, whether he knows the answer or not, he loves trying. But today he just refused to come back home. Infact, he was ready to go home with the girls! He kept pushing me towards the door and kept saying, mama home! (as though he wanted me to go home!). Bachay aaj kal ke (kids nowadays!) – how brazen!

The other mums probably thought i torture him at home or something. LOL!


2 Responses to “French immersion…”

  1. Imran Merchant Says:

    Eesa….Eesa…Eesa.. What to say – you’re learning too quickly! Atleast you stayed in class – the last time I took you to a class, you saw the teacher and cried not letting me go. The latinos got you to stay huh? You got more to learn from a teacher than those girls… hopefully you’ll learn alot in this class.

  2. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    hahahhaah, mashaAllah what a sweetheart, he is soo naughty…mama, how could you embarras him that way and STAY around while he was trying to impress those girls – eesa’s right “mama home”!

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