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Cooking up some alpha’s March 14, 2007

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Eesa owns a pack of styrofoam alphabets that fit in together like a mat and also work as puzzles. I’ve only given him alphabets A-I (i hid J-z till the time he understands these first) and repeat them over an over again. (Recently, I also made him a powerpoint presenttion for him with different words starting with those letters. I had made one upto I only and then one of the girls from the homeschooling group told me that another friend of mine already has a presentation made so now we have two, one that goes to I and one that goes to Z. well, It’s quite adorable watching him click and say out the words).

Coming back to the alphabets, Eesa was playing with them last week and got bored! So he ran to the kitchen, pulled out a pan and a ladle and started to cook up the alphabets. I tried to touch them and he warned, ‘haath sambhal ke, hot hai!’ (be careful with your hands they (alphabets) are hot!’). lol, what a grandma! haha.

Anyhow, so a few minutes later he started to cough and goes ‘paani chayeh’ (i want water). I knew he was playing a trick so I gave him a lil bit. So he barely put his tongue to it and ran back to the room to pour it into the pan so he could stir it with the alphabets.

Growing up, I’d always wonder how my parents knew EVERYTHING! Well, now I do. As smart as we could be, they outsmarted us. But what’s even more amusing is the fact that my TWO years old son was trying to be conniving! huh? HOW??


4 Responses to “Cooking up some alpha’s”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    aww mashaAllah he is such a cutie, i always share your stories about eesa with whoever is around me when im reading them cause theya re sooooooooo cute!! mashaAllah

  2. AaSiYa Says:

    ya same.. i tell mahmood, sadia, my mom, my gramma.. they all know what eesoos been up to….
    as much as i want yusuf to stay small forever, ur stories make me excited for what the future holds…. kids are such a blessing mashaAllah =)

  3. cheesoo Says:

    are u going to homeschool eesa?

  4. Shezalldat Says:

    thnx ayesh and aasi. so far, i’ve loved this phase of his life the most. when he was a newborn, i craved interaction. when he started moving, i dreaded action. and now that i have interaction and action both… im loving it alhamdolillah.

    cheeso, i’ve always wanted to homeschool but i’ve always also been scared of it. ive joined a group of women who homeschool and am currently developing a curriculum with them. ive already started him on alphabets and numbers (english and arabic). im just taking it a step at a time for now. my only concern was that he wouldnt have enough social interaction. but he’s enrolled in a number of extra curricular activities so alhamdolillah he gets ample compensation there.

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