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Baby names… March 14, 2007

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If Eesa had a sibling, what would I name him/her?

Eeman (faith, this is the name I made imran agree to for our first daughter even before we were expecting eesa! it was also our choice for a girls name coz we hadnt found out eesa’s gender)
‘Eebaad (Faithful, worship. Love the flow of it but have a feeling he’d be picked on at school!)
Ibrahim (Prophet. My fave)
Maria (Wife of the prophet pbuh, it’s imran’s fave)

Yup thats about it. I like them coz they’re simple and short.

P.s. just a clarification… I’m not pregnant… atleast not that I know of! A very close friend of mine is expecting her baby today and we were just brainstorming names. lol. She likes Sheza… go figure!


6 Responses to “Baby names…”

  1. AaSiYa Says:

    for the loooooooooongest time mahmood and i were sure that we would name our first son ibrahim…. hmm.. guess we changed our minds.. lol

  2. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    hey aasi, what changed your mind?

  3. Shezalldat Says:

    we really liked yahya and eesa all along. but knew that ‘yahya’ would be picked on alot so eesa it was. plus eesa had alot of dawah potential as does ibrahim.

  4. Umm Belaal Says:

    we too had high hopes for ibraheem

    btw shez i get the hint..you’ve claimed those names

    i like the ‘ee’ part as it goes with eesa

    don’t worry, my names are different (but sorta similar).. aabid and amaanah

  5. Shezalldat Says:

    lol… no i dont mind name sharing…

    we might even use ur name maryam! i love the name esp coz maryam’s father’s name was imran.

    i love ‘aabid alot too. has a very nice meaning mashaAllah.

  6. Umm Belaal Says:

    my dad is still hung up on me or faiz naming our son eesa…lol

    i like family names like that… fatima bint muhammad, maryam bint imran, eesa ibn maryam (so much for that one lol),

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