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Today, I had that extra bounce in my step. The one… March 7, 2007

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Today, I had that extra bounce in my step. The one that encourages you to leap forward and go that extra mile to do everything perfectly. My parents are arriving shortly and Baba and Eesie are on their way to the airport. This is ever so exciting. Being a mum now, I value the presence of parents so much more now. They bring with them this sense of security. This feeling of no-matter-what. Just thinking about it is making me look forward to placing my head in their laps and forget everything else.

My family is always upto spur of the moment trips and surprises. Even my extremely pre-planned Dad gets it into him often and would come up with spontaneous stuff. We hate waiting patiently and so surprises work for us perfectly. Alhamdolillah.

Imo and i’ve been hyped up all day and part of the package meant a visit to IKEA!!! Boy, was I missing the place? Mama came back super happy with some new pillows, shelves, bins(99cents!!), hardware, toys and more!

Then Nayma khala and I took off for grocery shopping and dollarama. Shopping for everything that i know they’d enjoy. It was sooo amusing watching nayma “wanting” to buy fruits. lol. (mama told her that if she notices that nayma doesnt eat healthy, she will return with ammi now as opposed to in aug. Nayma is a full fledge carnivore – she vehemently dislikes fruits and veggies). So to rub it in, i picked up eggplants & radishes. lol. (*muahaha*)

Nayma khala also just gave mama a very sweet happy women’s day birthday card. It’s a birthday card, but since i dotn celebrate birthdays, she wished me happy women’s day when she gave it to me (VERY smart of her) and then inside as well. In return, I just endowed her with a slobbery, salivary kiss(on the cheek ofcourse!). It’s all part of the sisterhood mayhem.
That’s all from my end now!


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