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Baba bring money! March 1, 2007

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So previously, as Imo would be leaving for work, Eesa would bawl his eyes out at the thought of Imo leaving. Imo would make excuses like ‘baba’s gotta work so he could buy you diapers’ or ‘baba’s gotta work so we can have pizza’ etc etc. He’d cry nonetheless.

So last week, Imo gave Eesa a penny and said ‘Baba needs to go to work so he can give you more money’. So Eesa nodded obediently and let him go.

Fast forward to today. Returning to work after a few days of working from home, Imo went up to eesa to give him a buhbye hug and kiss. Eesa asks, ‘Baba bring money?'(baba needs to bring money?). It was such an innocently adorable moment. SO much achild can remember mashaAllah.

Every evening when imo returns and puts the key into the keyhole, Eesa runs to him yelling ‘Baba home!!!!!!’ and then gets hyper running across the apartment – from our bed in the bedroom to the sofa in the living room. It’s adorable. Imo calls it the best feeling in the world.

So today on his way back, baba brought back a penny with him. Eesa went to cloud 9 and back as though he had just won a halal lottery! =)

With all the love pouring out from this lil soul, it makes parenting all the more worth it!

Which also brings me to Eesa’s independent play. MashaAllah now he’s able to sit by himself and play on his own for longer periods. He can now find things to entertain himself mashaAllah. When I had just returned from hajj, he would cling onto me and not let me out of his sight. Even though, before that he would ask to be left by himself at daadi’s place, now he was scared to be alone there. But Alhamdolillah now he recognizes reasoning. If I talk to him and make him understand before I leave, he understands and waits patiently mashaAllah – (he has his moments still and going to school is still a no-no zone!).

That’s all for now folks!


2 Responses to “Baba bring money!”

  1. Um Ibrahim Says:


    How cute:)

  2. Mahwash Says:

    hubby cant wait for hamzah to be old enough to crawl to him when he gets home from work:)
    thats the sweetest thing in the world when they make u feel special that way isnt it?

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