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The ball of Fun… February 24, 2007

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Nayma khala arrived yest!!

We dropped eesa to daadis for a sleepover and picked her up. When we went back, he was play-hiding from me in chachoo’s blanket. When he heard Nuhma khala’s voice, he couldnt hide anymore. He jumped out to greet her and then stopped all of a sudden, turned around and ran back to the sofa to hide his face. What a QTpatootie mashaAllah.

I’ve been doing a new activity with him lately that I feel has been most helpful. I read in the montessori manual to introduce them to clothesline pegs since it enhances their motor skills. MashaAllah it’s sooo amazing because i recently introduced him to a pencil and his grasp is amazing mashaAllah. He can hold it pointedly and make small circles which is generally introduced at age 3. He can also identify alif, jeem and ha from arabic and A-D, H, T and X in english.

Eesie, hope you’re having as much fun learning as I am teaching 😉

Recommended Read for parents: Children are from Heaven. By John Gray (the guy who wrote the men are from mars series).


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