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Flexibility… February 22, 2007

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lol. i seem to have scared everyone into believing flexibility is the end-all of parenting. I just re-read my post and felt it was super judgemental and condescending! Parenting is very personal and everyone has their own method. It’s a matter of what characteristics you want your child growing up with and you mould your way to it. I knew I wanted Eesa to sleep in my bed, every other mother I know didnt. And I respect them for having the will (mental if not physical yet:P) to try and set it as a rule. For me it was more important to feed on demand and to always provide the human touch and I did provide it for the first two years without regret and would do it for my future kids too inshaAllah. But the mums who wish to have the kids independent in their bed from an early age have very sound reasonings too and would not regret doing it for their latter kids either. It’s a matter of what is more convenient and preferred.

From the day he was born, we went out with eesa every night from the night he was discharged from the hospital. we had no restrictions or limitations on anything. life continued and Eesa’s very much a part of everything we do. As far as sleeping goes, last saturday Eesa got sleepy as I was cooking for the superstar get-together that imran was holding for his friends. So we both sat down on the dining room floor and that’s where he fell asleep. Alhamdolillah he’s super flexible. But I cant take all the credit for it. It’s his nature as well, he was very easy going from the start alhamdolillah. I think the fact that we constantly kept him on the go did help it as well. However, if he was a collicky baby or something – we may have been less flexible. Allahu aalim


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