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Painter’s block… February 19, 2007

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So I forgot to mention tha tlast weekend Imo and I painted my mother in law’s room. The previous week, I stayed back at mom and dads coz of my liscense practice and all. On morning, both aisha and i were excessively bored and so we randomly decided to rip out her wallpaper. we got rizzi to help out with the top parts too. The best part was watching eesa have the time of his life. he thoroughly enjoyed pulling them out bit by bit. a child’s dream – i suppose.

last weekend on our way back from ayub mama’s, we came back early coz of some work that i had to do. once my work was over, imo and i were alone and so we decided to just paint the room in the meantime. They hadnt picked out paint yet so we started by priming it. I had asked mom to move the furniture earlier in the week but they only moved their small cubby so both of us decided to do just that one wall ewith the cubby removed. it barely took five minutes so we decided to keep going. we moved all the furniture and managed to complete priming most of the room bar one wall – the one with the huge closet.

on monday, we went to get dad’s car fixed and i got late for school so then i decided to just stay home and finish up the painting. dad and i went to pick up the colours. mom wanted light green, dad a light pink. we settled on eldorado tan which totally opened up the room and blended the furniture in. the trim is in a darker, light cocoa contrast. we alternated the colours in the fireplace sitting area – so now the walls there are darker with the eldorado trims. moms lamps and stuff give it a very hotel-chic effect.

eesa’s doing alot of cute stuff lately. baba oftens cuddles on top of him and yells ‘ sandwich!!’ (as in eesa is sandwiched between baba and the floor). so when beeloo came over on thursday, eesa wanted to sandwich him. so i explaned to him that beeloo is a baby and he can’t handle eesas’ weight. so when maryam came, i told her abt it and while explaining, i said the ‘sandwich’ word. upon hearing it, he wantedto sandwich beeloo again. it was adorable watching he was expressing love as he knows from us. must be mighty scary for beeloo though!

on the other hand, he walks like a zombie. he has a habit of walking right into walls and doors. it’s literally unbelievable how much he walks into them. he walked into a door that was right in front of his face last week. then on friday, he tripped and fell right into the corner of rizzi’s room. he got a cut on his lips and forehead, nothing major alhamdolillah. cried for 5 mins, hugged us and was ok.

he also walks into babies. lol. poor yusuf was over on sat evening for the superstar challenge and he was lying down on the ground. eesa was walking up and Yusuf seemed to be in the path… ignoring him, Eesa wanted to continue walking. i had a glass in my hand so i tripped him with one hand so he would go over yusuf. unfortunately his knee still touched yusuf’s head and yusuf started to cry. and alhamdolillah since it wasn’t a huge hit, yusuf just cried for 30 seconds and stopped. all this while my heart was thudding and i said to aasiya that eesa’s knee hit yusuf’s head. ive noticed aasiya is mashaAllah one of those matter of fact mommy’s – he’s gotta learn type and was totally ok with it.

that brings me to parenting styles. i enjoyed watching aasiya mommying yusuf. mashaAllah she’s not the overly obsessive – my baby is delicate type. i like that in parenting. if eesa has done something wrong, i’d let him know it’s wrong. but i never punish him or yell at him if the mistake is the result of someone else’s wrong doing. if you dont want your phone in his hand, you’ve got to take it out yourself. i’m not going to be the one meddling in until he misbehaves in his mannerisms. i remember even when eesa was a baby and he would fall or get hurt – imran would soothe him saying ‘it’s ok, you’ve got to be tough to get into the nba’ lol. and it’s true, if it’s not a major injury, they’d cry it out for 5 minutes and they’re fine. i was observing kids yesterday at the party and moms would be like my kid can’t sleep anywhere else or they cant sleep through in noise or they cant do this or do that. but i believe that the limitations are our own. if i’m going to be obsessive about telling everyone to hush up, my child would never learn how to sleep through noise. (all this despite the fact that he goes to daycare). The child’s got to live in the world and these are just preps we have to make to help make our kids be flexible in life. i notice alot of the mothers themselves seemed to have a very inflexible/thoroughly independent attitude. ‘i just can’t do this or i just like it this way’. well if we’re going to be stubborn, guess what our kids are going to turn into.

i remember having a conversation with amina once about how flexible our parents raised us up to be. we’ve moved and lived at so many places with so many cousins mashaAllah that we can literally adapt to any place and situation. although i notice myself loosing that flexibility now, alhamdolillah imran keeps encouraging me to overlook. that’s a personality trait i value in people i meet.

This weekend we also had a basketball superstar party at our place with imran’s friends. both imo and eesa dressed alike in starbury jerseys (pics to follow). we did the table in orange with an orange table cover and dollarama basketball shaped message boards as the mat. we also found orange bowls to hold the dips and sports themed plates to eat in. we floated out some cream candles in orange coloured water as a centrepiece. we had cupcakes sprinkled with orange sugar too. it was simple yet nice alhamdolillah. for a while i was so upset that i couldnt find anything basketball themed, that i was almost ready to drive back to buffalo to pick up themed stuff.

for the food, we had this yummy white sauce burrito with red sauce topping and imran made some yummy chili. we had cheese dip, salsas, nachos, 7 layered dip and maryam made her famous taco salad.

Leila came over with Farah and Mobin and eesa would keep on hugging her and kissing her. and she’s sooo cute, she’d burst out laughng everytime he’d do it. it was adorable. i tried several times but just couldn’t capture it on camera:( i went out with farah and leila yest and it was nice mashaAllah. leila’s a cutie mashaAllah. there were so many kids around, i was somewhat wishing i had taken eesa along. but bai came back yest and he was enjoying her company. alhamdolillah.

so thats all thats been happening on this side of the world! i’m off to college now!


3 Responses to “Painter’s block…”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    aww mashaAllah, I love your outlook on parenting, its soo true!! InshaAllah ill be able to be like that, I dunno, Im kinda of stubborn, you will have to help me when im a mom!!
    about eesa bumping into things, I dunno how bad it is, but it reminded me of something we learned in ECE, it could be his eyes, maybe you want to get them checked, it may be nothing, just him being careless cause he is lil and naughty :P, but you never know, it wouldnt hurt to get his eyes checked…he may not be able to judge the distance of where objects are, because he cant see them properly

  2. AaSiYa Says:

    yaa.. i agree with ayesha, now harm in checkin it out.. but i must admit, it is halarious to watch.. poor eesoo…regarding the limitations parents have with their kids, i think its true, we need to be flexible and teach our kids to be as well.. life shouldnt stop cuz a baby comes into the world… my mom kept telling me that our lives would change soo much n we wouldnt be going out anymore but were not letting that happen.. its important to get out and still have a life post-baby.. and kids adapt well. its all in how the parents wanna do things… but i also think consistency is super important with kids.. its all about what works best for you … kisses fer eesoo

  3. Umm Belaal Says:

    i think the biggest accomplice to flexibility is medela! pump on! đŸ˜‰

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