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Eesa’s pix from Bakra Eid ’07… February 1, 2007

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First Eid without Mama…

Baba & Eesa
The reason behind Eesa wearing his Diago diapers – Safa – “mhy fraand!”
Sporting his thobe from Nayma khala and Naani
Giggling away
Getting ready for the masjid..

Dada & Eesie

3 Responses to “Eesa’s pix from Bakra Eid ’07…”

  1. Nadia Says:

    aww hehe mashAllaah..
    u dun understand how hard it was for us to get him to sit n let us take these pics..
    “noo peeekchars” “my camera”
    lol but it was funn Allhamdulillaah
    misssed u loaaaaaaads<3*

  2. Nayma Khala Says:

    i jus had a dream last nite where we r all at a beach sumwhere in TO in the summer…
    n we’re all busy doin our own thing….
    imo n abbu bbq-ing….
    ammi marinating….
    shaimi makin a sand castle(practicin for her architecture course:P)
    ur takin piccys…
    im runnin around eesi…
    n he finds this really rare oyster pearl n is like “ball?”
    n then other ppl see its really precious n then start runnin behind him tryin to get that pearl n all of a sudden he turns around hes liek “bas! SHTOP! its my eeshas!”…
    n then….
    abbu wakes me up for fajr….

  3. naymii Says:

    o n btw…
    don tteach him nayma khala…
    it makes me sound really old … lol
    teach him naymiiiii

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