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Dada and Chachoo, I know my anatomy! January 30, 2007

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Motherhood sure has its moments!

This morning on my way to college, Eesa & I shared a ride with Baba, Dada and Rizzi chacchoo.

Eesie was sleepy and to distract him Chachoo and Dada started to play a game of ‘where’s Eesa’s…?’

The game goes where they ask for a part of Eesa’s body and Eesa points to it. So they had “Where’s Eesa’s…. nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, lip, chin, hair, ear, shoulders etc. They then moved onto to tummy where he rubbed his tummy in circles and then knees and toes and then the ding dong for the belly button.

Once we had covered all parts that we assumed he knew, he goes ‘Where’s big butt(chachoo smacks his bum and calls it big butt)?’ We didnt pick on it. So he asks: ‘Where’s noni’?’ (his interpretation of noonoo – code word for a male organ!) So we tried to ignore it. Then he points to it, and in all seriousness, goes ‘There it is! Noni…big butt!’

Couldn’t leave them two out, could we?


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