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Road trip to Buffalo… January 26, 2007

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Three posts in one day… mama is obviously smoking some harsh stuff today!

The above pics are from a Merry go around at the food court at Boulevard Mall in Buffalo where Eesa and phoppo took a (few) spins! Mama and Baba had a spazz attack and decided to go on another post new years shopping trip to Buffalo. Obviously Mama went high with all the crazy shopping deals there. I got deals not just on b-ball jersey for 2 bucks but footlocker sweatshirts and hoodies for 2 bucks as well!! Obviously mama went ballistic! She raided Gap, wallie, KFS, a MUST pilgrimage to Bath and Body works, Victoria secrets etc

One Response to “Road trip to Buffalo…”

  1. Nadia Says:

    hehe it was funn =D
    thankoo fo takin me/us <33

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