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First day in "class".. January 26, 2007

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For the past two weeks Eesi and I have been venturing into different toddler programmes. Last year I enrolled eesa into baby time where we’d go and listen to stories and music together. It was a free course offered by our community centre. This year, however, I enlisted him into some programmes that would require for him to sit on his own and learn some positive independence.


Week three and we’re still screaming! My son is petrified by children his age. One or two he can handle. But put 10 in a room and he starts screaming! He’s literally scared of them. The only baby he knows apart from himself is Belaal, who is still pretty harmless.
Below are pictures from his first class. This year they introduced arts and crafts so I volunteered to bring in the material for this hat making project (It’s eesa’s fave project and we do it often at home). Eesa had a great time showing off his skills to everyone.


3 Responses to “First day in "class"..”

  1. Shabina Says:

    subhan Allaah… hes so adorable mashaa Allaah! I could bite those cheeks! LOL… mashaa Allaah Alhamdulillaah… may Allaah make him a mumin aameen!

  2. Nadia Says:

    awww hahah.. nice painting/pasting eesaa..gutta love art =D

  3. Umm Belaal Says:

    that last pix has a quite viscious look!

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